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Who we are.

At Wayside, we are guided by a simple yet powerful belief: 

to inspire people with the tools and knowledge they need to build a future we can all be proud of.

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Our Vision

Imagine a long, winding road extending into the distance, its sides appearing to guide the direction of the path. This perspective serves as the metaphorical foundation of our mission and identity. Every journey, like that never-ending road, is influenced by the waysides, the gentle bends and curves that subtly steer the course. Understanding these changes is vitally important in navigating the path ahead, particularly when it involves looking far ahead. This philosophical understanding is why we’re named Wayside, a term representing the sides of our never ending road.

With the help of our partners, we’re committed to building the future and to helping our communities feel part of the clean energy transition. We aren't just wandering down a path hoping for a better future, we're actively shaping the direction of our road ahead.

Together, we're not just observing the journey, we're guiding it. Like the sides of a road guiding any traveler, we aspire to guide society towards a sustainable future, making every twist and turn a conscious, collaborative decision. At Wayside, energy storage is just the first step; we'll continue to find new ways to empower everyone to take the wheel in this exciting journey towards a sustainable future.

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