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The new wave coming: Immersion Cooling

Wayside's game-changing battery energy storage architecture, expertly fuses a patented immersion cooling technology platform, superior LFP and Na-Ion chemistries, and a unique, eco-friendly coolant to deliver unparalleled safety and performance. With a focus on sustainability, easy recycling,  enhanced cycle life, and a simplified, speedier manufacturing process, Wayside is redefining the future of safe and efficient battery energy storage.

Patent Pending Design

Our patented design is what makes the commercialization of the world safest technology, immersion cooling, possible. We've managed to incorporate immersion cooling while reducing costs and part count significantly, allowing for cost saving and safety all in one. 

Superior Chemistry

We're using the safest battery chemistries our industry has to offer: LFP and Na-Ion. These chemistries, in combination with our immersion cooled design,  allow for the highest performance we all expect from battery storage without any of the safety risks.

Sustainability. Elevated.

Our design approach has always started with sustainability in mind. All of our components are designed to be easily disassembled at the end of their service life. We're already working with recycling partners to ensure our systems exceed the industry's standard for sustainability.   

Cutting-edge Coolant

Our dielectric coolant, custom designed for battery and inverter systems, is the core of our system. It's non-toxic, biodegradable, and non-flammable. This allows all of our components to be submerged under coolant without needing any additional parts. 

150% Cycle Life

Immersion cooling isn't just about safety, it's also about improving system cooling and efficiency. With our immersion cooled systems, we're seeing at least a 50% longer cycle life out of our systems. 


With our patented design, not only is part count reduced, but the manufacturing speed and simplicity is greatly increased. Our systems can be built faster than anything else on the market while still maintaining all of the safety and performance benefits that you would expect from a Wayside energy storage system.  

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